Sunday, May 24, 2009

Winter Wonderland II

In February, we were able to go up with our friends the Dorius' to their cabin up near Strawberry Reservoir. It was so beautiful and peaceful! It snowed a bit while we were up there, we had a hard time getting out with our bald tires!
Jeff and Jen, aren't they cute!
They are a little crazy, sometimes some frothing at the mouth.
Twins, Ty and Logan
We always have plenty of good food!
And plenty of game playing.
The kids loved playing in the snow. We had a pretty good snowball fight too.

Beautiful view.

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  1. Great pictures!! Looks like so much fun!! Crazy to look back at all that snow!! I'm laughing that Jon isn 't in very many of them- did he have a day quota on how many pics he needed to take?!?! (: So fun!!